If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. 
Denis Waitley 
Companies with higher Diversity and Inclusion have x3 higher performance confidence, x4 higher innovation, x2 higher customer orientation scores and increased growth of +45% 
A diverse and inclusive workplace has huge benefits including higher levels of employee engagement, higher levels of production, increased levels of innovation, and being an employer of choice where your employees are recommending your business as a great place to work. 
It is no longer seen as the right thing to do, but necessary, to drive and progress your business. Forward-thinking CEO’s are integrating people strategies into their business strategy. We can diagnose where you are now and with our in-depth research and experience in this area to help you to take tangible steps forward so you can realise the business benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 
Your leaders and people managers have the biggest impact and influence on your business – we help them to be more aware of the shadow they cast, to be more inclusive in their approach and how to make a sustained change to their behaviour through coaching, training and development, experiential learning and tools. 
Other services include developing a supportive framework to help you improve diversity and inclusion at all levels in your business. This could include designing and implementing a flexible working framework for you or helping you compare your workforce against local areas or what your customers think of you. 
Recent legislative changes in 2018 requires companies of 250 headcount to report on their gender pay gap. We can help identify and develop your action plan to improve your position. 
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