Together-HR offer events focusing on hot topics around the people side of your business such as how to be a more inclusive leader and what you need to know about the gender pay gap. They are not a ‘talking at session’, they are interactive, engaging and enjoyable. You never know what you will learn and who you will meet, come along for the free tea/coffee and networking. 
If you’d like to join one of our events please sign up to be on our mailing list and we can notify you of future events and how to book on. By joining our mailing list, you are giving consent for us to hold your personal details. 
Why would I want to engage the services of Together-HR? 
If you want to make organisational change that involves your people or need help to understand what’s working and what’s not working in the people side of your business. 
How much do you cost? 
Our costs are competitive and depend on the nature of our work. 
How will you help me? 
We can help you in many different ways; we can Identify what your people like and dislike about working for you, enable your team to get the job done in a higher performing way, or identify the people gaps you need to fill to take your business forward. Please read our 'What we do' section for more details. 
How long does it take? 
Let’s have a conversation to understand your needs and expectations 
When will I see results? 
This question is not easy to answer as it really depends on the depth and scale of the project. When we understand more about what your business challenge is and what we need to do we will ensure timescales are built into our proposal for your review. 
I want to know how inclusive my business is?  
To help you understand how inclusive your business is we can conduct an independent and expert review of your people strategy/plan, policies, processes and procedures. We also find interviews and focus groups help to define what is working well and where you might need some support. This insight helps us to identify meaningful actions plans building on your strengths and resolving any gaps. 
What is the value in a diverse and inclusive workplace? 
We have lots of practical experience in creating business benefits from a more diverse and inclusive culture. These include: 
Higher levels of employee engagement and loyalty 
Higher levels of production 
Increases levels of innovation 
Decreased absenteeism 
Encourages a culture where people can be at their best 
Communication and trust levels between leaders and employees will be increased 
Employees are happier and energised 
Improved customer satisfaction and retention 
Helps companies be an employer of choice, where employees are recommending them as a great place to work 
Can you help me understand how engaged and committed my people are? Do they feel valued and respected?  
We partner with Rencai to offer you an on-line employee engagement tool to provide you with a people health check that you can use to better understand and support the people in your business. With our knowledge and expertise we can take this insight to help you develop meaningful action plans which improve your employee experience and achieve improved business performance.  
I need to improve my Gender Pay Gap position - can you help?  
We partner with The Clear Company to offer you a gender pay gap audit which will create a meaningful and targeted action plan looking at your whole employee life cycle.  
I want to improve the people side of my business but don’t know where to start and want to talk confidentially? 
All of our discussions are confidential. We are really happy to have an initial conversation for free to explore what you want to improve and how we can help. 
I need help with how we can offer work life balance flexibility? 
It is great to hear you are looking at how you can implement a more flexible working culture. Together-HR can help you understand the business benefits, where you are today, where you'd like to be (linked to your business strategy), identify the gaps and create an action plan to help you drive the change. 
I need to understand the reasons people leave so I can fix it 
We can hold independent and confidential interviews with leavers to explore the real reasons for people leaving. We can also develop an exit interview process for you and identify and put in place preventative measures.  
Can you help with leadership and management development? 
Yes, we offer leadership development and management development solutions. For example courses on an Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion, How to be an Inclusive Leader, Cultural Awareness and How to Have Effective Conversations to Unlock High Performance. 
I want to help my leadership team to be higher performing - how can you help? 
We offer a team profiling tool known as Margerison-McCann Team Management System (TMS). This helps teams become more cohesive, self aware and higher performing. You would receive a detailed personal report and a team facilitated discussion to help build an action plan to build on your strengths and resolve any gaps. 
There is a wealth of research that demonstrates the business benefits. 
Drives economic growth 
Captures a greater share of the consumer market 
Recruiting for a diverse pool of candidate means a more qualified workforce 
An inclusive workforce helps employees avoid employee turnover cost 
Diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workforce 
Businesses can adapt to a changing nation to be competitive in a changing economic market 
Diversity is a key aspect of entrepreneurism 
Diversity in the workplace is necessary to create a competitive economy in a globalised world 
The most innovative companies of the future will understand both the societal and business value of equality 
Research from the CLC states ‘ you get 50% team increase in collaboration by mixing diverse skills and perspectives which helps solve challenges more efficiently’ Source: Corporate Leadership Council, 2012 
Work Trends say ‘a 55% increase in Innovation by bringing different minds and ideas together increases fresh thinking and creativity. Source: Women’s Business Forum, Work Trends 2012. 
Other benefits of a diverse workforce and inclusive environment include: 
What are the benefits of Improving Engagement? 
You’ll see productivity skyrocket. 
Employees who feel their voice is heard at work are nearly five times as likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. Other benefits include improved employee loyalty, decreased absenteeism, reduced onboarding costs, improved employee development and succession, and an improved culture. Your workforce will be happier and energised, with improved customer satisfaction and retention. Communication and trust levels between leaders and colleagues will also be increased. 
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